Top 10 Interview Tips


Companies want to know how interested you are in the position and the company. Always look at a company’s website and Google any recent relevant news items.

Practice answering technical and non questions

Be prepared, although you may be getting interviewed for a technical position you could also be asked to demonstrate your non technical or soft skills.

Practice answering your behavioural questions

Questions such as "what is your greatest strength?" and “what did you enjoy most about your time with your previous company”.
common behavioural interview questions

Review the description

Before you engage in any interview, nail down the specific position they are evaluating you against. Read the job description thoroughly and ask your recruiter any questions prior to your interview.

Be on time

Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early for your interview.

Dress for success

Play it safe by being conservative, neat, clean and professional. If in doubt always over dress for the interview.

Be engaged

Turn off your mobile phone and any other devices, and devote your full attention to the interviewer, making appropriate eye contact.

Remain composed

Interviews can be a tough experience if things go wrong. Whether it’s your fault or not always keep your cool and remain composed at all times during an interview.

Follow up

A Thank You is always appreciated by interviewers and recruiters alike.

Don't let them forget about you

Your interviews are over, and you survived. Now you wait, but don't wait too long, if you have heard nothing after a couple of days contact your recruiter and politely ask if a result has been reached and if there is any feedback.